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MLB star, heavy metal singer on list of Calif. water wasters

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, an exercise industry leader and a heavy metal singer are part of a who's who of water wasters identified Thursday by the East Bay Municipal Utility District, CBS San Francisco reported.

EBMUD officials identified customers who in a two-month billing cycle ending in October or November violated the Excessive Water Use Ordinance, which imposes fines on suspected water wasters as a reaction to the state's drought.

EBMUD has been periodically releasing names of violators of the ordinance, which fines single-family residential customers $2 for each unit -- or 748 gallons -- that is used over an 80-unit threshold.

Included on Thursday's list were Posey, 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov and Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil.

Mastrov, a Lafayette resident, came in second behind St. Moritz Dorf LLC, a private company with an Alamo property, for most water use on this list, which doesn't account for those contesting their fines.

St. Moritz Dorf consumed the equivalent of 11,182 gallons of water per day, while Mastrov used a 10,547-gallon daily average, according to EBMUD records.

Posey, the former National League MVP who lives in Lafayette, and Neil, of Danville, were much lower on the list at 3,390 gallons a day and 2,294 gallons, respectively.

Former Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi also made an appearance on the records. There was an average daily 1,670-gallon use reported at her Alamo residence.

No one on the list topped the 12,579 gallons per day drained at the Danville home of George Kirkland, a former Chevron executive, during a previous two-month billing cycle between July and August.

Kirkland reappeared on Thursday's list and was still in the top 10 with a reported use of 6,408 gallons of water per day.

Also making another showing was Oakland A's executive Billy Beane, a Danville resident who had the third-highest total usage in that prior list under Kirkland. Beane used 3,565 gallons per day this time, compared to a previous 5,996-gallon average.

There were 1,802 violations in all during the two-month period released Thursday, EBMUD officials said.

Most of those violations, 580 of them, occurred in Danville. There were about 315 in Lafayette and just under 300 in Orinda.