Giant Marlin Has Fisherman Reeling

Most fishermen don't have proof to back up their stories of the one that got away, but a teenager who had a terrifying run-in with a 600-pound black marlin does.

His sister caught the whole thing on tape while they were on a fishing trip off the coast of Panama.

The monster fish leapt out of the water and crashed right into the face of 18-year-old Stephen Schultz of Marietta, Ga.

Recalling the event, he says, "The bait was taken and the mates on the boat start yelling. They grabbed the pole and put it in the cup and then you fight with it to get it in."

He tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith he was having a great time when the unthinkable happened.

"I was fighting with the fish for about 25 minutes before it happened," Schultz explains. "He jumped once, facing away from the boat and turned around in mid-air; he was about 15 feet away; went back into the water, made one more jump toward the back of the boat and his bill struck me on the left side of the face and knocked me onto the ground.

"I closed my eyes," he says.

Crew members quickly cut the fish loose and then family and crew turned their attention to Schultz, who was on deck bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose.

"I got a towel on him," his father, Robert, says. His 20-year-old sister, Allison, was so in shock that all she could do was keep on rolling the camera she was using to videotape the event.

"I wasn't too sure what happens when you go deep sea fishing," she says. "I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be that close. So I was like, I'll get this on film. Then it was in the boat. Before I could react, it was already at us. So I just kept rolling."