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Giant cookie sculpture stolen from Bahlsen's recovered in Germany

German authorities say a 44 lb. sculpture of a cookie that was stolen from outside the Hannover offices of the Bahlsen baking company has been recovered
(CBS/AP) BERLIN - A 44-pound sculpture of a cookie stolen from outside the offices of German bakery company Bahlsen has been recovered.

A spokeswoman says the gold-finished, bronze sculpture was found Tuesday morning outside a university, hanging from the neck of another sculpture of a horse, with a red ribbon.

The century-old statue was reported stolen last month from Bahlsen's Hannover offices.

A local newspaper then received a picture of someone dressed like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster character holding what appeared to be the stolen statue.

The Bahlsen company promised a reward of 52,000 packets of cookies for a charitable cause if their emblem turned up.

No arrests have been made in the giant cookie caper.

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