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Getting Kids Moving

It's estimated that between 10 and 25% of America's kids are overweight, and those numbers are growing. It is certain that only a small percentage of children get the recommended hour a day of vigorous exercise. The average child gets about 12 minutes of activity a day. Fitness expert Minna Lessig shares some fun new products designed to keep kids active and moving.

Cycling: The Burley "Piccolo" trailer cycle attaches to the back of Mom or Dad's bike. It has its own pedal and handle bars, so the child riding on it moves the pedals, but it attaches to the back of the parent's bike so it can't be steered into traffic by the child. It is recommended for children 4 to 10 years old and is good for short rides in congested areas or for families going on rides that are longer than the child can travel on his or her own bike. The Piccolo retails for $350.

Jumping Rope: The Jump Rope Rock by Hasbro plays an electronic tune that speeds up as the jumper speeds up, and the tune can be changed with the flick of a finger. It costs $12.99.

Rollerblading: Rollerblade makes a children's model that adjusts to four different shoe sizes. It's the Maxx 300, and it comes in sizes 12-2, 2-5, and 4-7. They cost $109 a pair and are made of the same top-quality material as the parent's Rollerblades. A set of Rollerblade protective gear and a helmet completes the outfit.

Pitching: There's nothing more quaintly American than a backyard game of baseball, and no cooler self-pitch machine than Zooka's battery-powered unit. It's easy to set up and load and adjusts pitching speeds from 10 to 60 miles per hour. It's a hefty ticket at $699, but all automated pitching machines cost that or more. Plus, Junior doesn't get turned off from the game by Mom or Dad's dreadful pitching.

Playing Ball: Other classic kid's sports equipment include a kid's-sized football, by Wilson, $36.99, a kid's-sized soccer ball by Classic Sport, $14.99, Nerf Hoop, $9.99, and Frisbee by Whammo, $2.99.
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