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Getting Jump On Consumer Electronics Show

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world's largest consumer technology trade show, featuring more than 2,700 exhibitors.

Although it doesn't start until Thursday, CNET-TV Senior Editor Natali Del Conte and CBS News Science and Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg gave Early Show viewers an advance look Wednesday, demonstrating three cutting-edge products that caught their eye right off the bat.

The following product descriptions came from or were prepared with information supplied by the manufacturers


The Earbud Yo-Yo organizes the wires for your iPod, MP3 player and cell phone headphones. The inventor created it to avoid the problem of stowing her earbuds and the wire tangling/untangling that ensued. Available in many bright colors and creative patterns.


Blending high fashion sunglasses, stereo headphones, and Bluetooth headset functionality, TriSpecs are a hot way to connect to mobile phones and music players. TriSpecs' engineering enables the user to switch between voice communication methods with STEP Labs' unsurpassed voice separation audio technology and acoustically enhanced stereo sound for a great music experience using button controls on the glasses.


Taking projection out of boardrooms and movie theaters and putting it into the palm of your hand is WowWee's Cinemin suite of ultra-portable multimedia micro projectors, powered by Texas Instruments' DLP Technology for ultra-clear picture quality. Utilizing the same technology commonly found in high-definition TVs, classroom projectors and large-scale cinema houses, the Cinemin projectors have been designed to work with popular mobile devices such as the Apple iPod and iPhone. With WowWee's Cinemin suite of projectors, a café becomes a boardroom, a camping tent becomes a theater, and Grandma's curtains become a life-size digital picture frame.