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Getting An Exotic New Look

The Early Show wraps up the week-long series of Las Vegas makeovers on Friday.

For his final stop, makeover magician David Evangelista headed to the Mirage Hotel and Casino to find his last Vegas victim.

When Evangelista saw Cara Noferi coming in from the pool at the Mirage, he pounced.

"My eye was drawn to her," Evangelista tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler. "I thought this is a good time to go in for the kill."

The 40-year-old single mom from Cambridge, Mass., who is a technology consultant attending a work conference in Las Vegas for the week, was wearing a little tank top and shorts when Evangelista found her, and her curly hair was in a disheveled ponytail.

When he asked if she ever thought that she would get a makeover on television, her response was, "No, but I've always needed one."

Evangelista and Noferi ran to the Spa and Salon at the Mirage. First, Evangelista explained that Noferi's face was too long for the hairstyle she was sporting (it was rather full at the bottom and flat on top), so he decided to take about three inches off the length and make the overall style a bit less "triangular."

It's a great style that she can wear curly or straight (Evangelista decided to blow her hair out straight, but Nofefi typically wears her hair curly, and loves how the new cut dries naturally).

Next, Evangelista and colorist Ivan from the Mirage Spa and Salon decided that her recently highlighted hair was entirely too blonde for Noferi's yellow-tinted skin, so they decided to bring her hair color down to a rich chocolate color with a semi-permanent color glaze that allows some of Noferi's highlights to pop through for an exotic look.

Evangelista notes, "It's so funny because as we were doing her hair, she was talking about her hair color. She said, 'I was actually going to change this' - we were on the same wavelength about the yellow tone in her hair."

When it came to Noferi's makeup, Evangelista and makeup artist Nicole thought that a neutral, peachy brown palette would suit her skin tone best, so they evened out her skin tone with foundation and applied a light brown eye and peachy cheek and lip.

Heather from the Mirage's Street of Shops chose a khaki suit with a blue ribbon belt, blue-heeled sandals, and a bright yellow camisole for Noferi to wear.

"It's all about being snazzy. It's summer. It's Vegas," Evangelista says. "She can take it from day to night really, really easy."

The end result: a far more sophisticated Noferi who says she loves her new look.

"I think I've been waiting to meet David my whole life," Noferi says.

And she's certain that her 9-year-old daughter, Isabelle (Izzy) is going to love her new look when she gets back home to Boston.

Noferi notes, "When I told her last night, she thought I was involved in one of those extreme makeovers."

But Evangelista notes, "On The Early Show, we are au natural. We don't need plastic surgery."

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