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Getting All Tressed Up

Long hair today and short tomorrow.

Blonde one day and brunette the next.

If you want to drastically change your look without doing anything permanent, consider wearing a wig or a fall. Popular in the '60s, these hair enhancers are back in style, and they are not just for celebrities anymore.

Designer Danilo visited CBS This Morning with some new hair ideas.

Danilo, who designs wigs and falls, explains that hairpieces are popular because they allow you to try a new look without committing to a haircut or new hair color. Here are suggestions on how to explore hairpieces:

Step one: Decide what look you want to achieve.

A wig covers your whole head. A fall is a piece that is attached to a section of your head.

You can add extensions to your hair if you want long hair on a semi-permanent basis. Hair is attached using bands or strands of hair sewn, taped, or glued to your own hair. This will last two to four months.

The cheaper and more modern way is to clip the extensions under your own hair. They can be used often and, after a quick lesson, you can attach them yourself.

Step Two: Choose between synthetic or human hair.

Synthetic hair is cheaper and holds its shape longer, but it's less flexible and more coarse than human hair. You can't really change the style with synthetic hair, but it does weigh less than human hair. It is also more fragile than human hair.

Human hair, on the other hand, can be shampooed, blow-dried, and curled with a hot iron or rollers. It is easy to maintain, but it's also more expensive. It also can be dyed and re-dyed.

Note: Quality counts.

There are two types of hair. One type is cleaned and prepared for the stylist to do chemical work. The other type of hair is already colored and treated and is almost like a polymer over hair. It is more difficult to change this type.

Wigs are a $400-million business. About $350 million is spent on synthetic hair and $50 million on human. The amount spent on human hair is expected to double this year. Synthetic hair goes for $100 - $200 and human hair is a little more expensive.

Danilo says the popularity of hairpieces increased after celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow showed up with extensions in their hair. He also notices a demand for long smooth hair.

Says Danilo, "One option people have is the 'integration fall,' which is an aerated base that lays down and tacks down with braiding to the scalp. It is simple to apply and you can wear it for days. It fills in the blank spots and is for people [whose hair is] thinning."

Who buys wigs and falls? Says Danilo, "We are doing a line for Orthodox Jewish women. Some people have lost hair because of medical treatments. And then, of course, there are trendsetters who are into it. For the medical group, though, it goes beyod hair dressing. And then there are the celebrities who need them for movies, videos, and appearances."

If you go custom couture, then hair will be expensive. When they have to make it for you, there is an added charge. But the prices in general, says Danilo, are affordable.

For More Information:
  • Danilo high-fashion hairpieces, human hair only.
    Prices from $600 to $3,760. You can call: 877-414-0770 or visit Garland Drake International .
  • Look of Love International. Prices from $35 to $150. Call to find shop in your area that sells hairpieces, or request a catalogue. 800-526-7627

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