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Get Julie To Babysit

The Early Show's Week of Wishes ends with a request from a mom who just needed a break!

Dottie Loges of Ocean City, N.J., wrote:

"I have a simple wish.
I am the busy mother of two great kids, Taylor, 6 and Michael, 2.
I am a room mom for my daughter's class, involved with the PTA, soccer and cheerleading, and I work part-time, driving a limousine for a casino.
I love my life! But I never have any alone time with my partner, Michael.
I just want one night out!
I would be just fine with Julie Chen staying with the kids."

So, at Dottie's invitation, our crew showed up at her house to surprise the family with a day that neither they, nor Julie, will soon forget.

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Dottie, the part-time limo driver and full-time family chauffeur, left the driving to us on this trip.

But not even Dottie knew what we had up our sleeve. Two hours and 20 questions later, she and her puzzled family arrived at New York City's Lincoln Center to meet their new babysitter: Julie Chen.

Their adventure began under the Big Top. The Big Apple Circus gave Michael and Taylor front-row seats for its 25th anniversary show.

Meanwhile, things were a little more relaxed across town where Dottie and Mike started an afternoon of pampering at the exclusive Gil Ferrer Salon.

Once stuffed with cotton candy, the kids and Julie headed for the Children's Museum of Manhattan. That's where the day shifted into overdrive.

Makeovers complete, Dottie and Mike checked out their home-away-from-home. The Pierre Hotel, just off Central Park, put the couple in a suite so luxurious that it almost left them speechless.

No toys to trip over, no fingerprints on the walls.

Then it was time to go out on the town. Cipriani's Rainbow Room, with its famous views from 65 stories above Manhattan, was the backdrop for the couple's romantic dinner.

Uptown, Julie and the kids had dinner at Serendipity, where the most popular guy is the waiter who serves ice cream before the main course.

As for mom and dad, only one thing could tear them away from the magnificent view. Thanks to, the next stop on their dream date was one of the hottest musicals in town, "Oklahoma."

For Taylor and Mike, the night is just getting started. At the Pierre Hotel, adjacent to the suite where their parents will enjoy a little peace and quiet, was their room, full of toys.

Finally, it was time for Julie to call it a night with a fresh diaper, cookies and milk and a bedtime story.

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