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German police seize ecstasy tabs in shape of Trump's head

Trump--shaped pills

Tablets of ecstasy featuring President Donald Trump's likeness and name were seized by German police on Saturday with a sales value worth 39,000 euros or over $45,000. 

According to police officials, a car with Austrian registration traveling toward Hanover was pulled over for a registration check, and police subsequently found 5,000 tablets of the drug featuring the portrait of Mr. Trump and his name on the back, along with a large sum of cash inside the vehicle. 

+++Festnahme nach Drogenschmuggel+++ Die Autobahnpolizei Osnabrück hatte am Samstag mal wieder den richtigen...

Posted by Polizei Osnabrück on Monday, August 21, 2017

Photos of the seizure released in a police statement on Monday show at least 5 bags of the orange-colored tablets with stacks of euros in baggies. 

The two men inside the car, who police say were a 51-year old father with his 17-year old son, were subsequently arrested and their car was confiscated by police. 

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