Pro-white rally sparks protests in Georgia

Police form a barrier between groups of protesters during a pro-white rally inside Georgia's Stone Mountain Park April 23, 2016.


Several people were arrested during a pro-white rally that sparked protests in a Georgia park Saturday, the police said.

John Bankhead, a spokesman for Stone Mountain Park police, told CBS News that nine people have been arrested.

A pro-white group called Rock Stone Mountain has a permit for the rally, Bankhead said. Organizer John Estes told CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL-TV that the purpose of the rally was to celebrate their heritage.

WGCL-TV reports a man was injured when he was attacked for wearing a Confederate hat. The man told the station he just happened to be at the park and was not affiliated with any of the groups.

About 25 people were at the park for the rally, Bankhead said. Several hundred other people came to demonstrate against it.

Some protesters from a group called All Out Atlanta, which didn't have a permit for its demonstration, threw rocks at police, Bankhead said.

Another group, Confederates of Michigan, had a permit for its protest. The group opposes "the racial aspect of Rock Stone," Bankhead said.

Police told WGCL-TV they were screening people as they came in and that the protest and rally locations were in three different areas, all separated by several hundred yards.