George Zimmerman's attorney says he doesn't think judge will increase bond

George Zimmerman appears before Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester Jr. Friday, April 20, 2012, during a bond hearing in Sanford, Fla.
AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green
Zimmerman apologizes at bail hearing
George Zimmerman
AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green

(CBS/AP) SANFORD, Fla. - A lawyer for George Zimmerman says he doesn't think a Florida judge will increase his bond, even though the attorney told the judge on Friday that supporters had raised $200,000 on a website for Zimmerman's defense. 

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The neighborhood watch volunteer is currently free on $150,000 bond, as he awaits trial on a second degree-murder charge in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, at a hearing Friday said the failure to disclose the donations was an "oversight."

"Quite honestly, with everything he is going through over the past few weeks, if that is the only oversight committed, then we'll deal with it," O'Mara said.

Family members had told the judge they would have trouble coming up with Zimmerman's bond.

O'Mara claimed the family was not trying to be deceptive but Florida Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said he wanted to know more about the money before coming to a decision about the bond. O'Mara says he doesn't think the judge will change Zimmerman's bond in light of the new information.

Meanwhile, an attorney for Martin's family said the teenager's parents were "offended" Zimmerman did not tell the judge about the money.

"This is a bombshell that was dropped," Benjamin Crump said.

O'Mara said he learned about the money this week, after Zimmerman's release. The family used $5,000 from the website as well as a second mortgage on their home to bail out Zimmerman, O'Mara said. Zimmerman has also used some of the money for living expenses.

Although the website has been taken down, O'Mara said the defense is starting two others.

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