Geek Squad vs. God Squad? Priest Gets Cease-and-Desist Warning from Best Buy

Geek Squad vs God Squad? Priest Gets Cease-and-Desist from Best Buy
Father Luke Strand's Volkswagen Beetle with Stickers Bearing "God Squad" Logo (CBS)

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (CBS/AP) Father Luke Strand, a Wisconsin priest, may have "God" on his car, but he's also got Best Buy's lawyers on his back.

Strand, a priest at the Holy Family Parish in Fond Du Lac says he has received a cease-and-desist letter from the electronics retailer.

The issue: a logo similar to that of Best Buy's Geek Squad, a group of electronics troubleshooters, except bearing the name "God Squad" is located on the door of Strand's black Volkswagen Beetle.

Strand told the Fond du Lac Reporter that the car is a creative way to spur discussion and bring his faith to others.

Best Buy Co. tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it appreciates what Strand is trying to do, but it's bad precedent to let groups violate its trademarks.

Strand mentioned the letter during Sunday Mass but says he can't discuss the issue further.