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Geek out with some fun music and video game cosplay

(CBS News) With such a heavy focus on video games, science-fiction films and comic books yesterday (and all of them with music!), you probably think I'm all geeked out. And if so, you'd be totally wrong. Check out more music and some fun video game cosplay in the video above!

The sweet video entitled "Eurogamer - Cosplay Music Video" was posted by Sneaky Zebra who writes:

Eurogamer Expo was a chance for us to play some new upcoming games - like Halo 4, Dishonored, Aliens Colonial Marines, Tomb Raider, FarCry, Hitman and many more.

It was also the chance to catch up with some awesome cosplayers so we took the opportunity to make this little video - Hope you lot enjoy :D

And as a cherry on top of this delicious video game cosplay sundae, it might even help you come up with some great costume ideas for Halloween. Just how cool is that?  And if you'd like to check out more work by Sneaky Zebra, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.
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