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Geek out on some comics, cosplay, video games and more

(CBS News) Your blogger here is a fan of comic books, cosplay, video games and just about everything that adds up to just one thing: I'm a total geek. And if you are, too, then let's geek out together with a few of my favorite things. We kick things off with some fun at London Comic Con.

The slick and playful video by Sneaky Zebra (aka Nick Acott), who has been featured here on The Feed a few times before, proudly proclaims that, while Halloween may be over, the cosplay can keep going strong all year long! They write about their latest comic convention work:

London Comic Con (MCM Expo) - one of the biggest events in the UK for anything comic, games, film and cosplay stuff was at the end of October.

So of course we couldn't resist takin our Flycam and filming some of the most amazing cosplayers out there!

Hope you enjoy & Thank you to all the amazing people who took part.

And to keep the cosplay fun going with a dash of original music and video game-focus, we are going to up the ante of this geek out post and make it a double for you with the latest music video from Lindsey Stirling below that is, well... totally "killer".  If you'd like to check out more work from Sneaky Zebra click here and for more from Lindsey Stirling click here.

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