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Geddes Keeps Babies In Focus

Anne Geddes of New Zealand is known for her photos of babies.

Now she has a new book of photographs called Until Now, which includes fun as well as serious pictures of babies. CBS News This Morning Mark McEwen reports.

Geddes, who has been photographing babies for 10 years, is known for her 1996 book, Down in the Garden, which has more than 1.5 million copies in print worldwide.

Her photographs of babies dressed as roses are especially popular in the United States.

"Babies have always been my thing since I picked up a camera," says Geddes.

"People always asked if I was going to do something next, like babies weren't important enough. Pregnancy and birth is a miracle," she adds.

She is always surprised at the amount of trust she gets from mothers who bring their babies to her studio, she notes.

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"It's kind of humbling. When I had a newborn, I wouldn't have thought to take it into a photographic studio," she says.

When they come to the studio, parents expect the experience to be chaotic and stressful. But Geddes says that as long as the babies are comfortable and their tummies are full, it is easy to photograph them.

Newborns for example will sleep in any situation, Geddes points out.

"Generally all the babies sleeping in photos are newborn. Six-month-olds are awake. Different ages require different procedures," she explains.

Some of her images are computer-generated, like the ones from Down in the Garden, she says.

Her work has matured, she says. "It is important as an artist to see that your work is changing over a 12-month period. I can look at some of my images from way back then and say I think I've gotten better at it. I have relaxed more into my style," she says.

"Handling babies comes naturally now," she says, adding, "Babies know if you're confident and if you're sincere."

For more information visit Anne Geddes Web site.
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