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GDP Report Is Definitely ¿further Evidence¿ Of Something

 As the old saying goes, third quarter gross domestic product numbers are always in the eye of the beholder.

While today’s report on shrinking GDP numbers strongly hints at recession, both parties bludgeoned each other with the data.

The one thing they agree on is that the report is “further evidence” of something.

“Today’s report is further evidence that the job-killing policies of the Democratic Party are crushing our economy,” said House Republican Leader John Boehner.

“Today’s GDP numbers are further evidence that our economy is going in the wrong direction, and provides a sad epitaph for this administration's failed economic policies,” said Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer.

“There can no longer be any debate that we are in a recession, and that we need to create a targeted stimulus program to prime our economic pump, and help American families as they weather this storm,” Schumer said.

While Boehner did not use the “R” word, he said a stimulus package would just “compound” the “errors” Democrats have already made and reiterated his desire for Congress to cut taxes and provide relief to small businesses.