Gavin DeGraw on "Dancing With the Stars" all-star show: "Of course I'd do it"

Gavin DeGraw, 2012
Patrick Fraser
Gavin DeGraw, 2012
Patrick Fraser

(CBS News) Gavin DeGraw didn't have the easiest time during his stint on season 14 of "Dancing With the Stars," which winds down tonight with a live finale.

Eliminated in week five, DeGraw admits the dance competitions were more challenging than he had expected.

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But that doesn't mean he wouldn't consider taking part in the "all-star" season ABC is currently cooking up for the fall.

"Of course I'd do it," DeGraw told "It would be a lot of fun. And more than that, it would just be funny. I'd just be up there, saying, 'Are you sure you guys want me doing this right now?' It would be funny because I had such a hard time with it. That's why it's entertaining."

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Entertaining was part of the reason DeGraw got involved in the first place.

He still keeps in touch with "Dancing With the Stars" finalist, NFL star Donald Driver, who shared similar initial sentiments.

"I remember Donald saying to me, 'You're like me. You came here and were like, "Let's have a good time."' And I was like, 'Exactly.' We were all expecting it to be like a bunch of dudes just kind of hanging out in the lounge, having drinks and every once in a while going into a rehearsal for 10 minutes," DeGraw remembers. "But then it turned into the dance Olympics."

But don't ask Gavin DeGraw to choose a favorite for Tuesday's finale episode.

"It's hard for me to pick favorites because when you're doing the show you become pretty friendly with everybody," he said. "And when you leave the show it's kind of the end of summer camp."

DeGraw can't predict who will walk away with the mirrorball trophy, though he says all the finalists (Driver, William Levy and Katherine Jenkins) earned their place.

Anyone watching this season knows the contestants worked hard, even through injuries.

"It was just crazy," DeGraw said. "It was brutal. It was the ballroom of 'Bonanza.' It was just insane, people coming in with cracked ribs, limping and dragging their one arm behind them. It became like a war-zone. It was kind of funny watching people just crumble all over just learning a couple of dance moves."

DeGraw said most contestants tried to keep things light and maintain a friendly competition.

The competition among contestants wasn't the scary part for DeGraw. "The scary part is you gotta go up and do it front of 40 million TV viewers -- then you start putting the pressure on yourself," he said.

"Everyone realizes it's not your expertise and it's not what we do for a living," he added. "And you really just have to have fun with it and be able to laugh at it. And go, 'Well of course I couldn't do that. There's a reason for that I'm not a professional dancer.'"

That's why DeGraw will return to his first love: music. He kicks off a summer tour with singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat later this week.