Gator Raid: Pet Alligator Seized From NY Liquor Store, Sobering Thought

Pet Alligator Seized From Liquor Store In NY, Two Employees Ticketed
A Pet Alligator Seized from Liquor Store (AP/Suffolk County SPCA)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) How do you get an alligator out of a liquor store?

Answer: ...very carefully.

A 3-foot-long pet alligator was seized, and removed Wednesday, from Alpine Wines and Liquors on New York's Long Island.

Authorities say two store employees were issued tickets for possession of the illegally kept lizard.

The American alligator will be sent to a sanctuary out of state.

The store's owner told the newspaper Newsday that one worker had asked her to take care of the animal while he was apartment hunting, and that she believed the pet was a monitor lizard, not an alligator.

Let's hope a judge doesn't have to rule on that one.