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"I had to get another job just to pay for gasoline": How drivers are dealing with high gas prices

Gas prices continue to soar across U.S.
U.S. gas prices continue to soar as the national average reaches a new high 05:18

With no relief in sight at the gas pump, Americans are digging deeper into their pockets to pay for road trips — in some cases, it is cheaper to fly than to drive. 

In Los Angeles, gas is at an average of $6.39 a gallon. The 383-mile drive from Los Angeles to San Fransisco would cost a driver an average of $250.  

As countries turn away from Russian oil which limits global supplies, the national average of gasoline could hit $5 a gallon within weeks, experts predict. 

The current national average of $4.62 a gallon, is already a record high, according to AAA. 

Despite these prices, drivers are finding other ways to afford their summer travels.  

"I had to get another job just to pay for gasoline," California motorist Tina Evans told CBS News' Carter Evans. 

One of the ways is by giving up gasoline for good and switching to electric vehicles. Across the country, car lots have had a hard time keeping electric vehicles as the demand grows. 

"All electric, I cannot keep them in stock for more than two hours," said Arnold Gonsalves, general manager at Van Nuys Kia. 

Kia is the second-biggest seller of electric vehicles behind Tesla. Kia reports that the company's EV sales are up 132% from last year. 

At a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers the pain at the pump could continue due to tensions with Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. 

"It's virtually impossible for us to insulate ourselves from shocks like the ones that are occurring in Russia that moved global oil prices," Yellen said. 

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