"Gary Unmarried" A Modern Spin On Sitcoms

Actor/comedian Jay Mohr is a barrel of laughs on the set of his new CBS comedy, "Gary Unmarried," where he plays the title character, Gary Brooks.

In the modern-day sitcom, "Gary Unmarried" juggles an ex-wife, two kids and a new girlfriend and the ex's fiancé, who used to be the couple's therapist.

The funny man sat down with Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman, who learned that the funny business doesn't always stop when the cameras are turned off.

The actor/stand-up comedian, who is known for his role as sleazy sports agent Bob Sugar in "Jerry Maguire" and his appearances on "Saturday Night Live," has most recently been involved with the reality TV show, "Last Comic Standing," in which he created, hosted and was executive producer.

"I am having a great time. I tested for a movie with him that I didn't get. But, I knew we had this great chemistry," said Paula Marshall, who plays Mohr's ex-wife Allison Brooks.

The actor playing the wife-stealing marriage therapist, Dr. Walter Krandall is in real life environmental activist, Ed Begley Jr.

"CBS is doing a lot to be green. Ed is made entirely of mulch," Mohr chuckled.

"So, you can renew Ed?" Kauffman joked.

"We renew Ed each episode," Mohr replied.

When asked if Begley Jr. had solar panels on his dressing room, Mohr said "No, I pull up in front of his house in my hummer and honk."

Needless to say, the cast is having a blast on set.

"He's a very funny man, He brings a lot to the party," Begley Jr. said.

Even the younger actors who play his children are in stitches laughing.

"Jay is always making jokes all the time. So you're always laughing," said actress Kathryn Newton, who plays Mohr's daughter Louise Brooks.

"He helps me with my girl problems; I can help him with his girl problems, which is really funny," said actor Ryan Malgarini who plays Mohr's son Tom Brooks.

What actress Jaime King, who plays Mohr's love interest Vanessa Flood loves most about the show is its modern take on divorce, family and relationships, she explained.

"And it's Jay Mohr," Kauffman said.

"Is that a reason to tune in? Who's that oddly familiar guy?" Mohr said.

"Gary Unmarried" airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.