Massive "Game of Thrones" star reveals his terrifyingly huge diet

The Mountain and Prince Oberyn Martell face off on "Game of Thrones."


Want to be as big as The Mountain? Get ready to eat a lot.

Icelandic strongman Hafþor Björnsson, who plays The Mountain on "Game of Thrones," is training for the World's Strongest Man 2016 competition, which involves quite a lot of food intake. To illustrate just how much, he took to Facebook and Instagram to post what he eats each day, along with some of his workouts -- and "daunting" doesn't even begin to describe it.

After a light workout and some almonds and amino acids, the bodybuilder has a light breakfast that includes eight eggs, oats, berries and an avocado -- which keeps him satisfied until his next meal two hours later, consisting of beef, sweet potatoes and spinach.

People been asking me a lot about my diet and what I eat! Here's my diet plan for my preparation for World's Strongest Man 2016! Yes this is a lot & I don't recommend YOU to try this!! 6:50 Morning workout! Cardio + CORE for 30min Bcaa, Glutamine + handful of almonds 7:30 8 eggs + 200gr Oats + blueberries & strawberries + avocado 9:30 400gr Beef, 400gr Sweet potatoes, handful of spinach & greens 11:50 Bcaa, glutamine, 12:00 400gr Chicken + 400gr potatoes, greens + some fruits 14:00 Blender = 150gr oats or sweet potatoes, 2 bananas150gr kelloggs rice krispies, frozen berries, handful almonds, peanut butter and glutamine 14:30 Training strongman, Bcca, glutamine, Vitargo 17:30 60gr protein + 2 banans 18:00 500gr beef + potatoes, greens 20:30 500gr salmon + 500gr sweet potatoes 22:30 50gr casein protein or 6 eggs + avacado + 30gr almonds + 50gr peanut butter Drink a lot of water throughout the day + Juices to get more calories!! middle of the night 50gr casaine protein or raw eggs

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It's fairly reminiscent of the cod-heavy diet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed in 2015.

The only question remaining, really, is what does this massive human being consider "a handful" of something?