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"Game of Thrones": Expect to see different sides of Ramsay Bolton in season 6

Can Ramsey Bolton change? Yes, but not necessarily for the better.

At least, that's what actor Iwan Rheon teases when discussing the trajectory of his sadistic "Game of Thrones" character for the hit show's upcoming sixth seas0n.

In a series filled with malicious and violent characters, Rheon's Ramsey Bolton stands out as one of the most sadistic and irredeemable -- so they won't bother trying to sweeten him up in the coming season, but audiences will see something different, Rheon teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I get to do loads of different things and show sides to Ramsay that you haven't seen before. This season fills him out a bit," he said. "You'll see him change a bit, and take his responsibilities more seriously."

But that doesn't mean the show will be softening him up at all -- an impossible feat for the character. "He's a complete scumbag. But I find that quite fun. He's a fun character to play," Rheon said. "Obviously some scenes are disgusting and I dreaded doing them. But in this kind of environment [on the set] it doesn't feel like you're actually doing it, you're playing it, so it doesn't ever become too much."

Last season left off with Ramsay smarting over the escape of his new, unwilling bride, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), and her absence casts a shadow this year. "He's sheepish. His father is obviously not pleased," he explained. "Without Sansa, he doesn't have a much power."

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