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"Game of Thrones" deaths parodied in fun musical

(CBS News) Yeah, "Game of Thrones" fans may be already eagerly preparing themselves for the next set of bloody deaths that awaits them in spring's season 4 of the hugely popular series, but many still can't get over the first season of deadly shockers. (Don't even get me started on season 3...) In need of a refresher of who we lost way back in the beginning set to one of the best songs of late? Then watch two super-fans sing along to Gotye's hit "Somebody That I Used to Know," in the brilliant parody above by  Not Literally, aptly titled, "A Character I Used to Know."

After season's 3's infamous Red Wedding, it's almost hard to remember just how appalling Ned Stark's death was, especially as the girls remind us, everyone thought he was the star because he was "on the poster." And not only do these fans arduously list the many deaths of season 1 in full character and costume, but they sound and look great while doing it. And the actress dressed like Arya looks frightenly like her (I actually thought the real Arya actress was making a cameo).

And since they didn't mention any gruesome fatalities from seasons 2 and 3, we can only assume (an hope) there will be more parodies coming. These girls certainly have the patience and tenacity to tackle the next two seasons if this video is any indication. So, bring it on, girls, and just be prepared for that bloody, bloody walk down the aisle -- I certainly wasn't.

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