Gainesville Shooting: Gunman, 1 Other Dead in Florida Shooting Spree, Say Cops

Gainesville Shooting: Gunman, 1 Other Dead in Florida Shooting Spree, Say Cops

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (CBS/WFOR/AP) Two people are dead, including the gunman, and five others have been wounded in shooting spree around the Gainesville area Monday afternoon.

Gainesville police Cpl. Tscharna Senn identified the gunman as Clifford Miller Jr., 24.

A man in a red truck shot people at several locations, starting around 4 p.m., Gainesville police Cpl. Tscharna Senn told The Gainesville Sun. Five victims were shot within city limits, while the other two were shot in Alachua County, Senn said.

The shooter was targeting specific people at each location and shot the men he was looking for, Alachua County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Steve Maynard said. Multiple rounds were fired at each spot, and one gun was found with the shooter.

"We don't know the reasons he went to the houses, but we know he went to specific locations," Maynard said. "He had opportunities to go someplace to be a random shooter. He could have gone to the mall, or a number of different locations. He did not do that."

Court records show Miller had a lengthy criminal history.

In 2010, an Alachua County judge declared him incompetent to stand trial on a criminal mischief and petty larceny case. That same year, Miller was also deemed mentally or physically unable to stand trial on reckless driving and resisting an officer charges. His criminal record also included a conviction for felony possession of cocaine and charges of burglary and misdemeanor simple battery.

Police Capt. Ed Book said the suspect was pulled over and shot himself.

"We believe we're with the suspect and the vehicle, and there is no one out there running around," Book said.

The wounded were being taken to Shands Hospital where family members were gathering.