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Gain More Energy

If you're a new mom you've probably figured out sleep is a luxury, but there's still hope. Laura Kalehoff, Executive Editor for American Baby Magazine shares tips on how you can boost your energy level even if you've only had a few hours of sleep.

Check your expectations at the door. The more you fight to hold on to control of a situation the more exhausted you will be. Try going with the flow and save more energy.

Eat for fuel. That means eating protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates that will keep you satisfied longer with sustained energy. Unhealthy saturated and trans fats such as prepackaged frozen dinners, chips, crackers and sweets will get you hungry faster.
Foods such as low-fat Greek yogurt, fruit, salad and chicken will help you maintain energy. Be sure to eat something every 3-4 hours to keep blood sugar levels from crashing.

You will gain more energy with exercise. Work out for 20 minutes three days a week and you can expect to see fatigue lowered by 65%. An early morning run or meeting a pal for a stroller walk can get you started. Try for once a week and then increase.

Take a quick nap. Napping for longer than 30 minutes will have you waking up fuzzy and feeling terrible because you've entered a long sleep cycle. Revitalize with a 10 to 30 minute nap. Even just shutting your eyes can help recharge.

Make weekly playdates. Socializing means less stress and fatigue. It's also an opportunity to vent worries and frustrations and helps you feel connected. To avoid letting the week slip by, schedule your mojo-boosting estrogen time in advance.

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Laura Kalehoff & Erika Wortham

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