Gadgets Galore

Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum is always on the lookout for innovative new products. Here are the latest gadgets he found for CBS News Saturday Morning viewers.
  • VAIO C-1 Picturebook from Sony ($2,300)
    This is a laptop with a built-in digital camera. The camera allows pictures to be taken in front of and behind the notebook, capturing both still images and motion video. The integrated modem allows you to send your images via email to your friends, family and co-workers. It is available in computer stores, from Sony VAIO Direct at 1-888-315-SONY, or from the Web site.
    Password Journal
  • Password Journal from Girl Tech ($20)
    The lock on this diary is voice-activated, so only you can get inside. Record a password in the journal. It locks automatically when you close it and unlocks at the sound of your voice. It is available at Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, FAO Schwarz, or from the GirlTech.comWeb site.
  • Wake Me Willy from Rumpus Toys ($25)
    This cuddly interactive talking alarm clock has quite an attitude. You can program Willy's alarm with your choice of talking messages such as "Wake Up! It is time to go to school!" It is available from Ames stores in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, or you can order it through FAO Schwarz toy stores at 1-800-480-4326. For more information or to order it directly from the company, call 888-RUMPUS-1 or visit their Web site at
  • SkyTV from SkyVision Inc.($40)
    This is a gadget that hangs on the wall so you can watch TV while you're flat on your back in bed. It is available through the Absolute Amenities catalog: 888-926-3648 (item # LE1013)or from
  • Pony Tail Batter's Helmet by Schutt Sports ($15-$45) This helmet has space in the back to allow it to comfortably slip on, even while wearing a ponytail. Available at sporting goods stores. For information or store locations call 800-426-9784.
    font size="-1" face="arial, helvetica">Millennium Hat
  • Countdown 2000 Baseball Cap ($12)
    You now can have your very own millennium hat with a counter that lets you know exactly how much time is left until the Big Day. It's available at Toys R Us, Target, Kmart or at the Web site.

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