Gadahn Warns Against Obama's 'Deception'

(As Sahab)
American al Qaeda figure Adam Gadahn accused U.S. President Barack Obama of standing behind the killing of Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan in a new videotape produced by the terrorist group's media arm As Sahab.

"O' nation of Islam, you have seen the truth about Obama in the Gaza Holocaust which he approved of, and in Muslim Palestine which he wants to turn Jewish and in Afghanistan and in the tribal areas which he bombed and is still bombing," Gadahn said.

He also criticized Obama's plan to send more troops to Afghanistan, saying it was going to result in "increasing the spilling of Muslim blood."

Like al Qaeda leader's Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahri, Gadahn urged his audience not to fall for Obama's talk about his respect for Islam, warning them that this was just an attempt to steer Muslims away from jihad.

Gadahn described Obama's remarks during his visit to Turkey, which included saying that the U.S. was not at war with Islam, as "deceptive, false and sugar-coated words of endearment" intended to "divert the eyes of the world in general and Muslims in particular from the ugly and continuous crimes of the crusaders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and other lands of Islam."

Gadahn then addressed Palestinians, dedicating a large portion of his speech to denounce what he called "the Gaza Holocaust," and reiterating al Qaeda's support and commitment to the Palestinian's fight against the Israeli occupation. He also renewed a request that was repeatedly voiced by al Qaeda leadership to Hamas and other militant groups not to engage in politics and negotiations and to choose the path of Jihad.

"Mujahid brothers in Palestine, continue your jihad and heroism against the ferocious Zionist-Crusader assault on the lands of the Muslims and don't respond to the calls of the defeatists and demoralizers," he said.

Responding to calls by some Palestinian militant groups in Gaza for the necessity of keeping the fight confined to Palestine, Gadahn argued that it was globalization of jihad that could help achieve victory in Palestine.

"Zionist-Crusader interests everywhere are legitimate targets for us, and by striking them, we aggravate the enemy's wounds, bleed its crumbling economy, lighten the load for our brothers the mujahideen in Palestine and bring victory and conquest closer."

Gadahn, an American citizen from California, sought to establish himself as a self-made jihadi figure who rejected all the privileges that he could have enjoyed if he, being issued from a Jewish family, had become an Israeli citizen.

"My grandfather was a Zionist and a prominent member of a number of Zionist organizations," Gadahn said. He explained that he could've therefore acquired the Israeli citizenship, even if he himself wasn't Jewish, and enjoy "incentives and opportunities."

"But it's embarrassing and shameful enough for a person to carry the citizenship of America?" Gadahn says

The video, entitled "Let's continue our Jihad and sacrifice," ran over 35 minutes. It's dated April 2009. Stange enough, Gadahn had released a very similar video last April where he called on Muslims to support jihad with "men and money," while claiming that the West was now on the verge of collapse under the strikes of the militants. It was entitled: "How to Prevent Gaza Holocaust."