FYI: UN General Assembly

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The United Nations General Assembly is scheduled xxxx.

For more than 60 years the United Nations has struggled as an international governing body trying to forge peace, end poverty and heal the world.

What does the General Assembly do?

The General Assembly serves as a forum for members to discuss issues of international law and make decisions on the functioning of the United Nations. Each member has one vote. Decisions on important questions - like those on peace and security, admission of new members and budgetary matters - require a two-thirds majority. Decisions on other questions are by simple majority.

How often does the General Assembly meet?

The General Assembly's regular session usually begins each year in September. In addition, the Assembly may meet in special sessions at the request of the Security Council, of a majority of member states, or of one member if the majority of members concur.

The presidency changes every session. The current president is Sweden's Jan Eliasson.

Who are its members and how many are there?

There are 192 Member States of the United Nations. All UN members are members of the General Assembly.

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