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Future of Digital Photography

The future of digital photography. All of the big names in traditional photography, Kodak, Minolta, Fuji, Canon, Olympus, Agfa and others, are scrambling to become leaders in the new digital marketplace. They face strong competiton from industry outsiders like Sony, Casio and Panasonic. Some early buyers of digital cameras may have been disappointed with the quality they got for their money. But new megapixel digital cameras, combined with some of the great new color ink jet printers, are producing pictures that look, to an untrained eye, as good as prints from film. And professional printing services for digital images are in the works. At Agfa, which makes some of the top rated digital cameras, Klaus Schleicher says the consumer market is about to explode..

"The mass consumer will wait until the prices are going to come down and they're coming down really fast. So, we're kind of estimating that in the next 18 to 24 months, you'll be able to see products on the market, digital cameras, which give you the convenience of an LCD display, of removable media, at a price tag of about 199 to 299 dollars. And with the service in place that you can get your prints back in the traditional color negative paper, the same way as you did with your film, I strongly believe that the way people take pictures in about two years from now, is going to be digital."

The future, certainly isn't negative.

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