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"Funny or Die" imagines "Field of Dreams 2: Lockout" with Taylor Lautner

(CBS) Now that the NFL lockout has been dragging on for months, we're finally getting some laughs from it. Or "Funny or Die" is hoping to get some laughs from it.

Pictures: Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner, many football players and some big names in movies take on football's latest fumble by paying homage to "Field of Dreams." In the short film, Lautner plows under his crop to build a football field. Then locked out players show up and begin playing games.

The idea's better in theory at generating laughs than actually generating laughs but there are some fun moments: Lautner gets tackled twice for no good reason; Dennis Haysbert, in the James Earl Jones role, explains the law behind anti-trust litigation; and DeSean Jackson asks Lautner if he can order "No Strings Attached" on pay-per-view. And yes, Kevin Costner shows up.

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