'Funked Up' Violin

There is no mold for violinist Vanessa-Mae. She plays classical violin as well as pop. She dresses provocatively but her mother sometimes accompanies her on tour.

The selection she performed for CBS News Saturday Morning's "Second Cup Café" exemplifies her musical diversity. "Bach Street Prelude" is found on her Storm pop album, but it is derived from a Bach piece included on her album, The Classical Album 1. She told CBS News Saturday Morning's Russ Mitchell that "We did sort of a funked up version."

She explained that she normally tours with eight musicians if she is doing a rock kind of tour with what she calls her "techno-acoustic fusion music."

Currently she is on tour with her latest album, The Original Four Seasons, named for the one of the best-known pieces of classical music by Vivaldi. In May, the tour will take her to Germany.

The 20-year-old was born in 1978 to a Thai father and Chinese mother. She spent the first three years of her childhood in Singapore. Thereafter, she went with her mother to London, where she now lives.

Apart from the violin, which she took it up at age 5, she learned to play the piano at 3. Vanessa's first performance was at age 9. She had three classical recordings under her belt by the time she was 13. Vanessa was 14 when she started working on The Violin Player. The album ran up the charts in more than 20 countries shortly after its release.

There are a great number of Web sites devoted to Vanessa-Mae ranging from her official to picture galleries and sites built by devoted fans from around the world.

Although no dates have been confirmed, Vanessa-Mae may perform in the United States later this year.

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