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Fun and Frugal Baby Fashions

Actress Rebecca Romijn has played many roles in her life, but her latest and greatest is mother to 16-month-old twins Dolly and Charlie with husband, actor, Jerry O'Connell. This coming Monday Romijn is hosting a baby fashion show in New York to unveil the Huggies Jeans line, which are diapers styled to look like denim. She came to "The Early Show" studio Thursday to how you can make your baby look great for less on any occasion.

Romijn also spoke about her involvement with the all-volunteer LA Diaper Drive charity, which provides low-income families in the Los Angeles area with diapers to place an emphasis on fostering safe and healthy environments through education. In addition to relieving financial pressure from the parents, the diapers are often used as incentive to take important life skills classes aimed at improving lives and promoting safe and healthy families. For more information, go to their website here.

Looks featured on "The Early Show":

Neighborhood BBQ/Family Reunion:

Let's face it, when you are bringing your baby out on a summer afternoon to be social, you want them to look their cutest. So this is an outfit where you as a parent can get creative. We have put together a white denim outfit, that will keep them covered while still keeping them cool. The white jean jacket is from Old Navy, and is a little less than 20 dollars. It looks great on arrival and if your baby gets hot, just take it off. This outfit offers some really adorable layering. We match the white denim jeans with the jacket from GAP. When it comes to an outfit like this you can accessorize as little or as much as you want. We have dressed it up with sandals, a hat, a purse and sunglasses, but for a boy you can try a baseball cap and cool sneakers.

BBQ/Family Reunion:
Jeans: GAP $20
Jacket: GAP $27
T-Shirt: GAP $9

Purse - $4.95 (H&M)
Plaid, Pastel Scarf - $9.95 (H&M)
Sunglasses - $6.50 (Old Navy)
Cream Crochet Skull Cap w/ Flower - $9.99 (TJ Maxx)
Sandals: Old Navy $15

Backyard Playing:
When it comes to backyard playing, you want clothes that are comfortable, washable and playful. This is a perfect time to use your Huggies Jeans diapers. They are sold at all major retailers, and are a great way to keep your baby safe and dry while still allowing them to express themselves. And of course, they go with anything. Here we have paired the diapers with a breathable graphic cotton T from Old Navy. It's a dress 'em now, and wash 'em later outfit that is sure to keep them comfortable and happy as they play away out back.

Backyard Playing:
$17.99 GAP T-shirt
Diapers: Huggies Jeans Diaper $9.59/package (any mass retailer)

Summer Wedding:
It's inevitable, people love having weddings in the summer, which means that you and baby may have to dress to the occasion. It can be hard to find an outfit that dresses up your baby without paying through the nose. Here we have an adorable outfit that will dress a baby girl up for any occasion from an outdoor cocktail party to an August wedding. And it's less than $60! The dress and matching hat come from the GAP.

Summer Wedding:
Dress: GAP $35
Hat: GAP $15

A Day in the City:
For a day in the city, you want layers that can be worn and removed all day, you want to be ready for anything while looking too school for cool. We have picked a really cool look, from fedora hat to high top sneakers. And again, this is a great look for baby that won't break the bank. We have paired a Paul Frank graphic T with skinny jeans and some hot suspenders. It's practical, washable, and fun that will make your baby fit right into the urban scene.

Day in the City:
Jeans: GAP $35
Button Down: Old Navy $13
T-Shirt: TJ Maxx $6
Sneakers: Old Navy $17

Baby Fedora - $6.95 (Old Navy)
Suspenders - $7.95 H&M

A Day at the Beach:
For a day at the beach you want clothes that are budget friendly, and that will protect your baby's sensitive skin from the sun. For this outfit we went with light colors that can keep you cool while covering your baby's sensitive areas. We paired a cheap and adorable swimmy with a bandeau top, both of which come from Old Navy. We pair these with a butterfly baseball cap, goggles, and some jelly sandals.

Day at the Beach:
Swimmy: Old Navy $7
Top: Old Navy $13
Cap: H&M $5
Shoes: Old Navy $7

Goggles - $10 Old Navy

Travel Outfit:
This outfit is all about getting in and out of clothes fast. Fast changes are always necessary in the plane, in the public bathroom, in the back seat of the car, you name it, but you have to be prepared. This outfit has a shirt and shorts, that can both easily be swept on and off for cleaning, while still looking neat and put together.

Travel Outfit
T-Shirt: GAP $9
Shorts: Old Navy $15

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Product: Playspot Interlocking Foam Tiles
Price: $79.00
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