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Fullness In, Tautness Out In Face Surgery

More and more, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are seeking to attain a full, plump, juicy appearance for patients trying to keep their faces looking as young as possible, as opposed to the taut look, with skin pulled extra-tight, that we're all so used to seeing, New York magazine reports.

Classic cosmetic facial surgery used to involve procedures such as lifts and tucks, which tightened the face.

One obvious example, points out CBS News correspondent CBS News correspondent Michelle Guilen, is comedian Joan Rivers -- who even pokes fun at the work she's had done.

Gielan says adding volume to the face with surgery or injectable fillers is becoming popular now.

"I think celebrities now are sculpting their faces more with fillers to give them that more attractive, youthful appearance that they had when they were younger," observes Dr. Fredric Brandt, a cosmetic dermatologist.

On The Early Show Thursday, plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell agreed, telling co-anchor Harry Smith, "Today, we realize that volume is an important component. It's not just about lifting. A two-pronged approach is the best way to do it. We combine fillers with a lifting procedure.

"Fillers will help replace volume. They're often a good thing to do early on. We've seen a 14 percent increase in facelifts in the last year. That's huge. Fourteen percent."

Antell says, "The most important part of getting a good result from plastic surgery is the surgeon you choose."

He showed Smith a composite photo of a cosmetic surgery "patient" as an example that, "It's more about fullness. She has full cheeks. She looks juicy, if I were to pick one term."

Antell noted, "We want to maintain their identity. I think plastic surgery should whisper and not scream. That's really what it's about. You want to look better, not different."

Interestingly, Antell said, "One of the most common filler we use is fat injections -- your own fat. You can't be allergic to it. There are also some off-the-shelf products available as an office procedure with virtually no down time or recovery."