Full Interview With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Video And Transcript Of Scott Pelley's Interview With The Iranian President

Scott Pelley interviewed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran on Thursday. Ahmadinejad talks about his visit to New York, Iran's nuclear ambitions and his controversial views on Israel.

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Part 1: The World Trade Center
Ahmadinejad says his proposed visit to ground zero was intended as a way to pay respect and wonders how his visit would be insulting.

Part 2: Iranian Weapons In Iraq
Ahmadinejad denies claims Iranian weapons are being used against American soldiers in Iraq, saying, "If they accuse us 1,000 times, the truth will not change."

Part 3: Iran And The War In Iraq
Saying Iran is very much "opposed to war," Ahmadinejad maintains there are no Iranian forces in Iraq but says his country is doing everything in their power to provide security.

Part 4: Ahmadinejad On Israel
While Ahmadinejad says his nation likes the Israeli people "because they are victims as well," he says, "Israel is not a nation."

Part 5: Ahmadinejad On Nuclear Weapons
Ahmadinejad claims Iran's nuclear is very transparent and that his nation has no plans to build a bomb, saying, "We don't need a nuclear bomb."

Part 6: More On Nuclear Weapons
Ahmadinejad says he thinks it is wrong to assume the U.S. and Iran are on a path toward war. He also reasserts his claim that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Part 7: Ahmadinejad On Bush
Asked if he likes President George W. Bush, Ahmadinejad says he's not familiar with Bush's private life and that he bases his opinion on the U.S. leader's public life.

Part 8: Inside Iran
Ahmadinejad says Iran's people are "free" and denies that the regime is repressive. Asked about the 1979 hostage crisis, he says, "Let's have our sights towards the future."

Part 9: Nuclear Sanctions
Ahmadinejad says anyone imposing sanctions on his nation over the nuclear program would be "trapping themselves."

Part 10: Truth And Terrorism
Ahmadinejad says his nation has been a victim of terrorism throughout its history and hints at who might be behind various terror organizations.