From the CBS vault: Newlyweds John F. Kennedy and Jackie

John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy
Then-Sen. John F. Kennedy with his new wife Jackie in a 1953 interview with Edward R. Murrow for CBS' "Person to Person."

(CBS News) "CBS This Morning Saturday" opened the CBS News vault for a rare look into the world of Camelot with then-Mass. Sen. John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. The interview featured on the broadcast came from a "Person to Person" interview that took place in October, 19, 1953, just one month after JFK and Jackie were married.

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Legendary broadcaster Edward R. Murrow spoke to the newlyweds in Kennedy's former bachelor pad in Boston.

Murrow asked about their highly publicized courtship and how the pair met. Jackie said that she had met Kennedy at the house of a friend two years earlier, and shortly after interviewed him while a reporter.

When Murrow asked if they've opened all of their wedding gifts, Jackie Kennedy replied, "Well, I've opened quite a few of them and sent them all to Washington. We just have a couple back here."

John then showed Murrow a photo and said, "I remember when you were over in England and I thought you might remember this picture that was taken when my family were all over there in 1939 when my father was ambassador."

"I remember it very well," Murrow said.

The picture showed the Kennedy clan, including John's eight brothers and sisters: "Almost the last time we were all [photographed] together," he said. "Brings back happy memories."

Murrow asked Kennedy about his time during World War II. Kennedy showed a model of a PT boat he commanded, made by a friend at the Boston Navy Yard. He said he had some anxious moments during the war in the Solomon Islands campaign.

Jackie Kennedy then showed a football, a wedding gift that she said her new husband had been throwing around the apartment.

John Kennedy said, "This was a present from Jim Farrell who is in charge of handing out athletic equipment when I was at college at Harvard and he's still doing it. This probably was the football that Harvard was going to use for its first game and he sent it to me. I certainly appreciated it and I must say it's probably my favorite."