From Interviewer ... To Interviewee

From Sen. Joe Lieberman to Dave Letterman all in one day!

Right after taping my exclusive sit-down with Sen. Joe Lieberman, it was time to head back to New York for another interview. Only in this one, I was the interviewee.

I'm Dave Letterman's guest tonight on "The Late Show!"

Honestly, I wasn't nervous at all. Maybe just a little bit. It was so cold in the studio! I felt well prepared because I had a long pre-interview with the producer, Matt Roberts, on my way back from interviewing Sen. Lieberman in Washington. I know, I'm a multitasker!

I won't give away everything we talked about because I want you to watch "The Late Show" tonight, but I will say the cookies in the green room were delicious. My posse buzzed through them like lawnmowers.

Anywho, gotta go! Bye!