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From Food & Wine: Melbourne travel guide with Roy Choi

Great chef's oftentimes venture off to various parts of the world in search of unique flavors and foods that they can incorporate into their own dishes.

Food & Wine explores one particular city that has American chefs completely hooked by its eclectic food scene. Melbourne, Australia. The second most populous city in Australia, Melbourne is home to a variety of top restaurants and bars.

Famed American chef, and owner of Los Angeles' Kogi BBQ Korean taco trucks, Roy Choi, had a chance to visit the city and see for himself what all the excitement is about. Choi told Food &Wine,"It's like a miniaturization of all my favorite cities: Tokyo and Seoul and New York and Los Angeles, all in one."

Melbourne infuses many different Asian ingredients ranging from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Creating a menu of diverse Chinese dishes that you can only find if you took a flight out to Aussie. The authentic taste and intense flavors attracts not just chefs, but tourists from all over.

Food&Wine names some of the must eat restaurants Melbourne has to offer featuring renowned chefs and delightful cuisines.

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