From ‘Survivor’ To The Senate

010302 michael skupin former survivor castaway
A contestant from the CBS reality show "Survivor: The Australian Outback" is apparently considering running for the U.S. Senate from Michigan.

Michael Skupin, who is considering the run, was the contestant who had to leave the Australian Outback version of the show, after falling into a fire and burning his hands.

According to the Detroit News, Skupin was a guest of honor last night at a Michigan Republican fund raiser - and said he's seriously considering a run against Democrat Carl Levin next year.

Skupin is a 38-year-old software publisher. He says he and his wife are life-long Republicans, but that they haven't been active in party politics.

The head of the state GOP says he thinks Skupin would be a "formidable candidate."

The former contestant was introduced at the dinner by Governor John Engler - who said, "Senator Skupin sounds good."

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