Frito-Lay Targets All-Natural Market

In suburban Dallas Renee Gonzalez and her daughters are shopping for healthy snacks, reports CBS News correspondent Don Teague.

At this supermarket specializing in all-natural foods, bags of Lay's potato chips are nowhere to be seen - but that could soon change.

Frito Lay - the World's largest maker of snack foods is going natural - sort of.

Beginning in 2011 half of its products, including Lay's potato chips, Tostitos and SunChips, will be made entirely with natural ingredients.

"This is probably one of the most evolutionary things we've done at Frito-Lay, to really bring the right products to our consumers," said Anna Mukherjee of Frito-Lay.

That's good news for Gonzalez, but…

"I will compare the label to see what is in there and is it better," said Gonzalez.

What won't be on the label?

Artificial flavors, preservatives and the flavor enhancer MSG.

But many Frito's brands will still be high in fat and sodium.

"They were pretty bad for us, now they're less bad for us," said registered dietician Ashley Koff. "It's a step but these aren't the good for you products that I'm going to tell people to run out and get."

One reason companies are using more natural ingredients is because that's what consumers are asking for, according to some surveys, as many as 70 percent of customers want natural products.

Which is why major fast food chains have rolled out healthier menu items in recent years.

So why isn't Frito-Lay going natural with all of its products? The company says it just can't make Cheetos or Doritos without artificial flavors - but in this test kitchen, they're working on it.