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Fresh Fall Beauty Trends

The seasons are changing, which means makeup and hair styles are, too.

On The Early Show Monday, stylist to the stars David Evangelista looked into his crystal ball at some trends you can expect to be hot this fall.

The first look was a natural one, with bronze eye shadow, nude/champagne lips, a braided bun, and metallic blue nail polish. The second look was more dramatic, with bright red lips, a clean eye, loose, wavy hair, and aubergine nail polish.

In general, says Evangelista, "classic, but still lively" is what we're going to see in autumn: Just because the season is changing doesn't mean you should change your makeup to dark and boring. Fall is all about taking the elegance of the season and keeping a twist of summer fun. The weather is changing, and everyone gets a little down that the summer is over, but you can keep things upbeat with a bit of shimmer and color into the fall months.

What's more, says Evangelista, you don't need to spend a fortune on new makeup. You can buy just a few essential products and be all set for the season.

Evangelista's forecast:

LOOK 1: Bronze eye shadow, nude lip, a braided bun, and aubergine nail polish

Shimmery, bronzed eye shadows in natural colors work on everyone. It's a good way to give your eyes pop without looking like you're trying too hard. It's also a good color to transition from summer into fall, using the warm, natural colors of autumn. He also recommends keeping the lips in the same family, a natural lip, such as champagne or nude in color. Natural lips are perfect with the eyes. The warmness of champagne and nude colors gives the lips a cool, fresh look.

For the hair, the braided bun is a fun twist on the classic, stuffy hairstyle, the bun. This is a playful and quick way to put your hair up; anyone can do it themselves and get a professional look! You need medium-to-long hair, and it works best on hair with a little texture. All you need is a rubber band and a few bobby pins.

And, adds Evangelista, you can't forget about your nails, ladies! Nothing gets you in the mood for fall like this beautiful color. Dark colors have been popular for the past few months, and it's going to carry over into the fall. The colors he showed are by Debra Lippmann — she's a celebrity manicurist and her colors are inspired by songs!

LOOK 2: Red lips, a clean eye, wavy hair, and silvery-blue nail polish

Red lipstick has been around forever, and it's back this fall! This is a way to make a real statement. It's a classic way to look sexy, sophisticated and confident, all with one item! Red lips say, "Here I Come!"

With the red lips, keep the eyes really clean: Because the lips are going to be the focal point, it's great to leave the eyes really muted; maybe just use mascara or a thin liner. It's a very elegant and flirty look that draws attention to the bright lips by keeping the eyes simple. You can get away with that bright red lipstick anytime of day or night if you go easy on color for the rest of your face.

Also, wavy hair is back. Big, beautiful, loose curls are sexy and classic. Evangelista used a big curling iron to get the curls he did on a model on the show, then brushed through the hair gently to loosen up the look. Spray it a bit to keep it in place, and you're all set! This is another easy style that you can do yourself.

Evangelista opted for silvery-blue nail polish on the model, saying metallics are huge in fashion, and it's carrying over into cosmetics. You can use the silvery-blue polish, also by Debra Lippmann, to give yourself an accent on your hands.

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