Fresh Ambitions Brewing?

Jennifer Yuille is a CBS News producer based in New York. She produced Katie's interview with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that aired Monday. Watch video of the report.
A lot of companies are taking steps to curb executive compensation. Katie also asked Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about how they have managed the issue. Schultz said that he and the rest of the entire Starbucks management team have not received a raise or a bonus in two years. He added that their "compensation is based on stock appreciation. So we're in it with the shareholders, and that's how it should be."

And even though the campaign season is over, some of us still can't get away from politics.

Howard Schultz is very passionate about health care and his various philanthropic projects. During her interview with Schultz last week, Katie asked him if he ever considered running for public office.

At first he responded with a somewhat coy "I don't know the answer to that," but after further probing said he hasn't really thought about it. "I've – I've got … I have a full-time job and I've got a lot to do. And I'm deeply committed to doing it. My sole purpose and focus is Starbucks."

Dare we say that's a politically savvy answer?

Check out the clip here: