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"We want to give back": Brothers who own candle company donate to homeless shelters

Brothers with their own company give back
Brothers with their own candle company give back 01:43

Indian Head, Maryland — At a Maryland farmers market, the Gill brothers are selling their own homemade candles. Austin, 8, pushes his favorite.

"To me, it smells like watermelon bubble gum," he said.
Two years ago, Austin and his brothers Collin, 13, and Ryan, 11, were looking for a way to make some pocket money. They had never thought about candles before it was time to make a business.

Austin and Ryan Gill CBS News

They call their company Frères Branchiaux, which means "Gill brothers" in French, and they decided not to keep all the earnings for themselves. They now donate an average of $500 a month to area homeless shelters.
"The community gives to us, we want to give back," Ryan said.
Each brother has his own role to play. "I pour the fragrance into the pitcher," Ryan said.

On top of school and sports commitments, they produce 10 to 15 batches of candles a day. They're three young men using their own burning passion to light up the lives of others.

Learn more about the Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

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