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Frequent Flier Traveling Tips

For many, summer means vacation, and millions of people take to the sky on their way to a relaxing getaway.

But getting there can be stressful, so celebrity event planner and frequent flier Colin Cowie shares on The Early Show some of his best tips to make you feel like you're traveling in first-class, even when you're stuck in coach.

The following are his suggestions:

What to Wear - The key to moving quickly through the long lines at the airport security is wearing the appropriate outfit.

Cowie wears slip-on shoes with no buckles or metal on them; thin cotton socks (or cashmere in the winter) to avoid walking barefoot on dirty floor; he doesn't wear a belt. He likes to wear wrinkle-free trousers and a long-sleeved cotton shirt so that he doesn't get chilly in the plane and at the same time he doesn't look like a slob.

What to Eat - When traveling, you now must carry on your own food. The night before or the morning of your flight, go to the deli and get some rotisserie chicken, an apple and a bottle of water. Put it all in Ziploc bags so it's ready to go.

Carry-on Bag - When it comes to your carry-on luggage, it's all about what's inside. Here is where you pack your medication and toiletries, the things you could not live without for 24 hours.

Cowie recommends packing the following:

  • Laptop
  • Cables for laptop; iPod; and cell charger
  • Book you're reading
  • Plastic folder with your itinerary
  • Important phone numbers
  • Copy of your insurance, business cards and a note pad.
  • Cowie keeps $60 of $5s and $1s for tipping
  • Airborne, which Cowie calls his "wonder drug"
  • Proof of ID
  • Copy of his passport - make sure you keep separate from original
  • Stationery in case he has to write a thank-you note
  • Gifts, like fragrant candles, in case he is invited to someone's home
  • Disinfectant wipes to wipe down the seat on the plane
  • Purell antibacterial hand wash
  • Shout wipes in case you get something on your clothes
  • Neck pillow
  • Lightweight blanket. A black pashmina can be used as neck roll or a blanket to keep warm.

    Web sites Cowie recommends: and

    Click on Pg. 2 for information on How to Pack your Bag and General Tips

  • How to Pack Your Bag – Cowie likes to pack everything in plastic bags inside the suitcase. With the plastic bags, he puts his trousers in one, shirts in another, suit in another, and underwear, socks and belts in another one. Then, he brings an extra one for dirty items.

    The shoes go in shoe bags with windows so you can see which shoes they are. Cowie has sneakers that pack really flat so they don't take up too much space.

    Women can pack multiple pairs of shoes because their feet are smaller, but a guy's shoes take a lot of space, so you have to decide if you're going to go brown or black throughout your trip and then pack the accessories appropriately. Before he packs, Cowie likes to put his outfits out on the bed so he can see what goes with what. Of course, he recommends leaving room for shopping.

    Remember that you are allowed to pack a childproof scissor with rounded edges if you are traveling within the U.S. If you plan to pack one, Cowie says do not put it in the bottom of your toiletry bag. "Think about it," he says. "That rubber glove the security guard is wearing has been in other people's stuff and is now touching your toothbrush."

    Web sites Cowie recommends:;; and

    General Tips - There is an airline Web site that you can log onto before you leave to see where your seat is on any model of plane. Check it out.

    Always call ahead to your hotel to let them know you're arriving. Introduce yourself to the concierge and ask him to make some reservations for you at top restaurants so you don't find that you can't get in when you arrive there in peak season. Tip the concierge the moment you arrive and tell him there's more to come. How much to tip really depends on what kind of hotel you stay at and how much you ask of them while you're there. Cowie suggest $20-$40 initially.

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