French Cinema Showcased At Tribeca

A wide array of filmmakers recently gathered in downtown Manhattan for the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. As in previous years, dozens of nations were represented through the films presented, and France was no exception.

What may have surprised some viewers, however, was seeing U.S. actor Kevin Kline starring in "Queen To Play," which was produced entirely in French. The film's director, Caroline Bottaro, and lead actress, Sandrine Bonnaire, had nothing but praise for the American-born star who speaks the romance language fluently through the film.

"It's a dramatic character, [Kevin Kline] is more used to playing comedies," Bonnaire said. "I think for him, [this role is] a good memory."

Filmed on location on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the film marked its world premiere and very first public screening at Tribeca. Bonnaire stars as a hotel maid who develops an obsession with a cyrptic chess-playing couple (Jennifer Beals from "The L Word" and Dominic Gould) on vacation.

Click on the video at the top of this story to see "Queen To Play" actress Sandrine Bonnaire talk about working with co-star Kevin Kline and director Caroline Bottaro explain her reasons for helming the project.