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Free Econ 101 Course Offered To Congress

The bailout exposed a fact most watchdogs already knew about Congress -- it ain't the London School of Economics.

So, the president of Andrew Jackson University, a small online school based in Birmingham, is jumping into this miasma of ignorance to offer a free online course in Econ 101 to members of Congress. This after a thumbnail survey found that eight of ten had no formal training in economics.

The press release:

To accept Andrew Jackson University's offer, members of Congress need only to contact [school president Don] Kassner and he will oversee these special enrollments. "Hopefully, some of our congressmen and women will take us up on this offer, and maybe some will even continue on to advanced courses," said Kassner."All 'on the house,' of course, and in the best interests of America," he concluded.

It's not clear if members would be violating House rules by accepting the offer; We're checking.

So far nobody's signed up.

Interested members of Congress can contact Kassner at