Frantic 911 Call Made from Alleged Runaway SUV

A dramatic 911 call reveals just what was going through one woman's mind as she tried to stop her alleged runaway SUV.

Marlene Taylor and her young daughters were in a 2008 Chevy Equinox last month travelling from Lexington West on Interstate 64 toward Shelbyville.

She says her gas pedal got stuck and they were soon going 95 miles per hour.

Unable to stop, Taylor is heard in the 911 call obtained by WHAS-TV in Louisville, Ky., pleading with other drivers to move out of her way.

She says, "Please mister, move please. Oh, my God. What the hell. I don't want to hit you. Oh, my God. ... I can't stop."

On the call, a dispatcher can also be heard telling Taylor to put her shoe under the accelerator pedal and pull it up, but she replied that the pedal wouldn't go any farther.

After 40 miles, a state trooper was able to get in front of her car and finally bring it safely to a stop, only five miles away from a congested work zone. There were no serious injuries.

General Motors Co. spokesman Alan Adler told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the woman agreed to let GM engineers inspect the vehicle a few days after the May 27 incident. Adler says there was an after-market mat on top of the vehicle's floor mat but that the vehicle's computer showed no trouble codes.