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Frank Tees Off On Romney As DNC Launches Attack Site

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank teed off on Mitt Romney Thursday morning, as the DNC launched a new website attacking potential Republican running mates.

The site,, focuses on eight potential vice presidential choices for  Sen. John McCain, ranging from Romney to FedEx CEO Fred Smith.

But with Romney rumored to be in McCain’s “final four” of potential VP picks, Frank had plenty of venom for the former Republican Massachusetts governor.

Highlighting Romney’s evolving stance on the abortion issue, Frank called Romney “the most intellectually inconsistent politician in the history of politics,” arguing that Romney often “zig-zags” on issues when convenient.

“This is a man who showed not only no penchant for governance, but no interest in it,” said Frank. “He just wasn’t very good at governing.”

Frank even noted that McCain himself was “contemptuous” of Romney during the primary season and said that the Arizona senator was “right to be.”

Romney quickly responded through a spokesman, stressing he had no plans to be part of the ticket and dismissing Frank's attacks.

“It should be pointed out…that Mitt Romney looks forward to campaigning for John McCain as a supporter of the ticket and not as a member of it,” said Romney’s spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that bitterly divisive Democrats like Barney Frank don’t have anything good to say about Republicans,” said Fehrnstrom. “Fair-minded people look at Mitt Romney and see a strong leader, a man of character and integrity who was elected as governor at a time of job loss and recession and who managed to balance the budget all four years without raising taxes and get the Massachusetts economy moving again.