Fourth day of protests over Koran burning

There are thousands of protesters across Afghanistan Friday taking to the streets and demanding blood. In Kabul and elsewhere they're chanting "Death to America."

Most of the protests are happening outside of American military bases.

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This was always expected to be the largest and most passionate protest of the week after Friday prayers.

But so far, we haven't seen the violence that was expected.

There were riot police out on the streets early. At times, they outnumbered the protesters.

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Gen. John Allen, who is the NATO commander in Afghanistan, also asked the Afghan people for patience and restraint, saying the investigation into the Koran burning is still pushing ahead.

Thursday, there was a meeting of religious leaders in Kabul. Although they are outraged about the burning of the Koran, they did not encourage the people of Afghanistan to take to the streets and protest - out of fear that extreme groups would hijack the protests for their own purposes.

There are a wide variety of demands by those protesting. Largely, they want the people that burned the book, even though it was an accident, they want a public trial. They want to see that justice has been done. They want a feeling that Americans are respecting Islam.

Some are just outraged and they're just voicing their anger. But really they want to feel that they're equals with Americans.

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