Four world records smashed in one amazing wingsuit jump

(CBS News) It's a beautiful day outside. It's also extremely hot almost everywhere. So how about we try to stay cool indoors and engage in some outdoor sports vicariously through the power of - wait for it - the Internet! Perhaps an amazing, record-breaking wingsuit jump will do the trick?

The heart-pumping video was posted by YouTube user jonmillsswns who writes about it:

This breath-taking footage shows the moment a flying DAREDEVIL smashes four world records in one death defying 37,265ft high WINGSUIT jump. Jhonathan Florez, 29, broke a staggering four records in just one jump when he leaped out of a plane above Guajira, in Colombia, on April 20. Astonishingly, as he reached speeds of up to 100mph he smashed the record for the longest duration wingsuit jump - a whopping 9 min and 6 sec. Jhonathan had to battle through temperatures as low as -45 as he picked up the record for greatest horizontal distance flown in a wing suit - a mammoth 16.315 miles.

You read that right: four world records were smashed with this one spectacular jump. A big triple-rainbow salute of excellence goes out to Jhonathan Florez for this amazing feat from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to learn more about the amazing daredevil himself, you can visit Jhonathan Florez's website by clicking here.