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Four Things Biden Won't Say Tomorrow

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(KETTERING, OHIO) - Ladies and gentlemen, here are four things Joe Biden said today that won't be in his stump speech tomorrow:

*** "I tell you what, some thing things never change," said Biden. "I probably shouldn't let the press know this. But you know, Jill walked back up here a moment ago you know what she did? She put a little rat on the thing here," said Biden, holding a rubber rat. "Everything's Halloween with this lady. Happy Halloween," said Biden, laughing. He then turned to Jill, adding, "You are bad. You are bad."

*** It's the last day to use this one, which Biden has solicited door-to-door in every state he's visited for a week: "I know it's Halloween, but John McCain dressed as an agent of change is a costume that just does not fit!"

*** At the University of Delaware in Newark today, his alma mater and home of the Blue Hens, Biden pointed out this fun political fact: "Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the first time in presidential campaign history that our campaign manager, a Delawarean named David Plouffe who was in the political science department, a proud Blue Hen, is managing one campaign. And my friend John McCain's campaign, his chief strategist, is a guy named Steve Schmidt who also attended the University of Delaware. Now let that be a cautionary tale. Blue Hens can go astray occasionally."

*** Remember where you, or an older relative, were when Kennedy was shot? Biden mentioned his experience today: "It was here [at the University], October of 1962, that literally, as many of us could squeezed into a place called "The Scrounge," the student center…we listened and we watched on a black and white television as John Kennedy warned us of the impending showdown with Russia over Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis. And one year and one month later I was literally standing on the steps of Hullihen Hall when I heard of John Kennedy's death. I remember going to the parking lot and one of the day students had a car, and we sat in the car, and we listened to the tragic news."